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No matter the type of hot water system you have, be it electric, gas or solar — it will need maintenance every once in a while in order to work efficiently. However, certain unexpected problems can also arise in these systems due to daily extensive usage.

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We service hot water systems from all major brands

Despite the brand and type of your hot water system, we can maintain it, service it, and repair it. Our expert technicians have experience in effectively dealing with problems associated with such systems.

If your system is beyond repair, we will advise you on the best system for your house based on size, occupants and usage in order to tailor it specifically for you. This will make it more cost effective in the long run too.

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We help you save on costly hot water system repairs

Hot water units can be a costly outlay initially, so choosing the right unit for your household and taking our advice on maintenance and servicing of your unit will be cost effective in the long run. Units can last anywhere between 10-20 years depending on the brand and type of unit you decide to choose, and how well you look after it.

When we install your new hot water unit, we give advice on what maintenance is necessary to keep your new unit running efficiently and to avoid unnecessary early replacement.

Depending on what hot water unit you have will depend how frequently you need to service and what we would need to do to carry out the service. Here at BG Plumbing and Gas, even if we haven’t done your installation, we can advise when you will need a service or what parts may need to be replaced in order to save on a costly replacement. But we will also be totally honest if replacing parts would be a waste of time, because the unit will need to be replaced soon anyway.

BG Plumbing & Gas provides its quality services all over Perth. If you’re looking to deal with a problem with your hot water system, or are simply wanting to get an inspection, get in touch with us right away.

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